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PTFE Cables (Poly-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene)

Weldon Cables are used for the Electrical Equipment, House Wiring and Industrial use. These wires give them very high mechanical and electrical properties (Heat Resistance Range: 65°C+ to 260°C).
It has outstanding dielectric properties which makes it according to the requirement. Insulation sintering process ensures uniform insulation thickness near extruded finish.

Colour of insulation:

  • PTFE insulated Silver/Nickle/Tin Plated and Bare Copper hook up Wires.
  • Our PTFE insulated PC/TPC/NPC wire, are being used in electronic equipment, defense types of equipment, railways, aircraft, aerospace research, radar, satellites, heat-sensing leads, atomic power station, telephone-exchange, etc.
  • Application like Transformers, Invertors, Stabilizers, A.C, Refrigeration equipments etc.
  • Multi core twisted PTFE (Teflon) insulated wires/cables 2 core, 3 core, 4 core and 6 core etc.
  • Multi core twisted PTFE insulated wires/cables with outer sheated/jacket of PTFE, PVC and FRLS etc.
  • Single core and multi core twisted PTFE insulated wires/cables with shielding of S.S, SPC and Fiber Glass etc.
  • High Voltage "CR" insulated wires and cables.
  • RTD wires and cables
  • Thermocouple and compensating wires cables K-type, J-type, T-type, E-type, PT, RH etc.

ET 250V 1500V 2500V
E 600V 2000V 3400V
EE 1000V 3000V 5000V
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