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Power & Control Cables


These Cable can be used on AC Voltage upto & including 1100 V or DC upto & including 1500 V.


2.5Sq.mm. to 400 Sq.mm. upto 4Core in power & 1.5 Sq.mm. upto 61 Cores in Control Cable.


Weldon Cables high-grade PVC Compound Capable of withstanding conductor Temperature up to 70 o C for general-purpose Insulation ( TypeA) & HR PVC 85 o C (Type C) for heat resistant insulation conforming to IS 5831: 1984.


Core are identified with a colour Scheme as per IS:1554(Pt-1):1988 as under:-

  • 1 Cores - Red/Black/Yellow/Blue or Natural (non-pigmented).
  • 2 Cores - Red & Black
  • 3 Cores - Red, Yellow & Blue.
  • 31/2 & 4 Cores - Red, Yellow, Blue & Black.(Reduced Neutral Core in case of 3 1/2 Core)
  • 5 Cores - Red, Yellow, Blue, Black & grey

In case of cable exceeding five cores, two adjacent (counting and direction cores) in each layer shall be colored blue, Yellow and remaining cores grey/Cores can be identified by numbers printed on that of the same color.


Cores are laid up with a suitable lay. The final layer direction shall be kept right hand lay.


The Inner Sheath is applied over laid up of cores by extrusion/wrapping of thermoplastic material.


It is applied over inner sheath. It may consist of Galvanised Round Steel wires or Galvanized flat steel strips conforming to IS:3975. Round wire armouring is provided, where the calculated diameter under armour is 13.0 mm. Above this, armouring is either round wire/steel strip. In long run of cables and in case of mines, the round wire armouring is must as strip construction provides higher resistance to earth fault current and some time this current may not be sufficient to operate the circuit breaker in case of earth fault.In mines, the resistance of armour shall not be more than 33% of resistance of main core for safety reasons. To achieve this, sometimes, tinned hard drawn copper is used along the galvanized steel wires. Sometimes, two layers of steel wires are provided to give extra protection.


A final covering of PVC compound, conforming to IS:5831:84, is applied over armouring in case of armoured cable or over inner sheath in case of unarmoured cable, called as "Outer Sheath". The insultation, inner sheath & outer sheath can be HR PVC or FRHF compound depending upon thier appplication.


Weldon Cables are subjected to a series of required tests in our well equipped laboratory. Besides the rigid tests and checks at every from raw material through manufacturing stage and finally upto the finished product.


The power & Control Cables are used under ground as well as over head transmission of power in power plants, industries, projects and all other electrical installations.

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